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Even if you’re upgrading to a larger office or a superior plant and warehouse, the stress of moving your business can still be stressful. If your company takes too long to get up and running or your supply chain is interrupted, it could affect your livelihood. Your employees and clients need to feel comfortable rather than unsettled by a possible disruption in service. The single best action you can take to ensure a smooth transition is to hire a reputable commercial mover. Many moving companies primarily handle residential moves and their lack of expertise could end up costing you more money than you save. Angelheart Movers LLC offers businesses excellent rates and a wealth of knowledge about the challenges involved in relocating your enterprise. Even a small office or a mom and pop operation can afford our professional commercial moving services. We don’t penalize you if you only fill half a truck – so you can keep on trucking!

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5 Ways Our Business Keeps You in Business

Angelheart Movers LLC understands that our customers require flexibility, assistance and guidance. That’s why we provide:

1. After hours or weekend moving to minimize down time

2. On-site estimates along with packing and unpacking services

3. The proper masonite, corrugated wrap and door jamb protectors most buildings require

4. The increased insurance coverage and certificate of insurance mandated before moving day

5. Disassembly and reassembly of cubicles and work stations

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Important Tips About Commercial Moving

Angelheart Movers LLC recommends a lead time of at least three months to plan and execute your business move. We provide you with a detailed checklist of up to 100 tasks to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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Did you know that certain types of equipment, such as copiers or computers, require special servicing by the vendors of each machine prior to moving? In the case of leased items, failure to notify them of the move could void your warranties. You’ll also need to drain liquids from copying, printing and reproducing machines. Some equipment can only be disconnected by a copier technician, electrician, or plumber so you’ll have to book them in advance.

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Why Hiring a Local Office Mover is a Smart Business Move

There are numerous reasons why it pays to use a local commercial moving company like Angelheart Movers LLC. Here are just a few:

We don’t add on gasoline and mileage charges like some out of state or national van lines.

Our satisfied customers are people and businesses you know which makes our reviews verifiable.

We’ve made it our business to learn the rules and requirements of local buildings and industrial parks.

We offer direct one-on-one service which ensures your office is up and running quickly.

We’re based in GA  and are handy if you require advice or packing material, or need to lodge a claim.

Our targeted smaller service area allows us to complete several moves in a day, which means our minimums are lower and our rates better than our competition

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