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There are different reasons to disassemble furniture before a move. Many times it is to ensure proper safety during transport on a long distance move. Perhaps you’re not moving the item into your new space but opting to leave it in storage or planning on selling it? We find the most common reason is that furniture does not always fit into and out of our intended spaces. When this is the case, the required method is to disassemble the furniture and reassemble it in the new space. And that is where Angelheart Movers LLC comes in. Our furniture assembly movers are skilled to assemble all kinds of furniture. Our trained furniture assembly moving specialists would love to answer any questions you may have regarding your move.

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Some furniture items are just too heavy for even the strongest of our moving team. (Some of us even do cross fit.) We will use jacks, wenches and counter weights if needed to move exceptionally heavy items. However, sometimes this is not possible due to constrictions of the space or building. Disassembling the item is the only solution in certain instances. Often furniture can be oversized or shaped in a way that makes moving awkward or impossible. Hard to deal with items will need to be disassembled to remove, carry and transport them safely from one location to another.

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To uphold our Safety Standards and ensure proper safety for you and your furniture as well as our moving crew certain items will need to be disassembled before we can move them. A Angelheart Movers LLC Agent will review these items with you during the on site visit prior to your move. Narrow spaces such as hallways and staircases, small entrances and doors may all limit the ability to move some furniture items out of and into a space during your move. When logistics are the determining factor the answer is to disassemble the furniture before transport.

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Our trained Moving Consultants will walk you through your move step by step and generate you a detailed, accurate and Up-Front Moving Quote. You can rest easy knowing that your items are safe and secure and delivery will always be on time. Regardless of the size of your home or apartment, or the amount of furniture, belongings and vehicles you may own, Angelheart Movers LLC will happily assist you with your move. Moving from Cobb County, GA to other state? Maybe even a bit further or all the way to sunny Georgia? Our long distance moving will cover you to all states within the continental United States.

We treat our customers like you’re part of the Angelheart Movers LLC family. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be cared for respectfully and safely.

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