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Many of us today prefer to keep our valuables, investment precious metal, antiques and other items in our homes. Many Businesses keep cash and other items of intrinsic value in the office. The old-fashioned safe still is in use and with the focus on Second Amendment issues today, gun safes are in demand. At some time these solid security devices have to be moved, either to another room or floor or to a different address. Doing it safely is a job for professionals. Angelheart Movers LLC move safes in private residences for some of the most prestigious addresses in the world. We use all of the latest equipment in the art of safe moving such as electric stair climbers and crane based vehicles to guarantee the safe relocation of your high value loads.

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Many serious gun safes have weights that begin at 1,000 pounds. If moved improperly that weight can shift and cause personal injury, damage to property and open up multiple doors to lawsuits. It is critical to size up the job, plan the move, have the right equipment and work together. Someone has to be in charge and that person has to know what to do. Moving a heavy safe safely requires specialized equipment. Industrial strength dollies, hydraulic lift equipment, strapping and other restraint and securing tools are absolutely essential to moving a heavy safe. Too many safes have been left in the middle of a sidewalk while an experienced mover is being sought.

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The risks of a do-it-yourself move of a safe are many. Personal injuries from load shifting, damage to property from scrapes and collapse of old floors, citations for blocking traffic when the safe falls over and another mover with the correct experience and equipment are summoned. The risks far outweigh the realistic cost to get the job done the right way once by a professional mover. Getting stuck, damaging the property, all add up to risks that will cost. Weight matters when moving a safe.

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