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Do you want to move your piano across town, or across the country? How about across the county, or even the world? If so, there are piano movers that can move your piano across the country or across the state. The prices vary, but will be well worth the time and effort it takes to move it.

Most piano moving services have professional movers that are experienced at handling different kinds of move types, including residential, interstate, long distance, or overseas moves. The average piano moving price is usually around 80 pounds. Each piano needs its own moving truck, which could cost up to $100, depending upon the type of truck, and the size of truck required. The moving company will typically cover all transportation costs, including gas, insurance, and other mileage expenses. You may also be responsible for payment for any damage costs incurred during the move.

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When asking how to move a piano, you will need to know several details. The first thing to know is the exact location in which you want to move the piano. This includes whether it will be moved indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between. Knowing this information will save you time, and the trouble of trying to figure out how to move a piano when you don’t really know where it needs to go.

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Next, you need to know how much weight you can move the piano. For upright pianos, this number generally ranges from four to twenty-five pounds. Larger pianos are usually a little bit harder to move, generally in the range of fifty to one hundred and fifty pounds. In order to get an accurate answer, you should calculate the weight of the piano, including the lid and all of the connecting hardware, such as the nuts and screws. Then divide this number by the total weight of the piano, which should be the weight of the whole piano including the lid.

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Now, you need to know how big your piano is. Most upright pianos are around twenty-five inches tall, twenty-six inches deep, and anywhere from ten to fifteen inches long. Larger pianos, like grand pianos, range anywhere from three hundred to two thousand pounds. Larger pianos are usually best left in the capable hands of experienced movers. If you’re moving an upright piano, make sure the piano is not too heavy to safely maneuver.

Best Piano Movers in Johns Creek, Georgia

And finally, don’t forget to check if your piano is in a climate-controlled environment. Most moving companies’ policies include moving an instrument in a climate-controlled facility. While this might not seem important to some people, there are actually many benefits to moving an instrument in a controlled environment. Movers with at least two full-time employees are required to undergo proper training to qualify as a full-fledged movers. This way, your instrument will be protected against damage, from dampness and condensation, as well as damage from extreme heat or cold.

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