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How Professional Piano Movers Move Baby Grand and Grand Pianos

For piano movers, the most important part of piano moving is packing the piano. This means wrapping the piano in a series of blankets so that the surface of the piano isn’t scuffed or gouged (refinishing a piano can be very expensive).

Making sure the piano is moved in a way that avoids damaging bumps and scrapes, is a piano mover’s second most important task.

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Any professional piano mover worth their salt will have special tools for the job: like a piano dolly (a heavy duty 4-wheeled dolly with uni-directional wheels that can support a piano’s weight) and a piano board (a long board that the piano is strapped to for the purpose of moving the piano).

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Piano movers will prepare the grand piano for moving: Remove the lyre of the piano, the lid of the piano and the piano lid hinges. Wrap the piano parts in blankets. Lay two blankets over the top of the piano board.

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While two piano movers hold the piano up, a third piano mover removes the left and rear piano legs. The piano legs will either screw off or be released at the turn of a wooden or metal tab. The piano movers then ease the piano on to the piano board. The Piano movers then remove the remaining (right) leg.

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Next, the piano movers wrap the piano with moving blankets leaving some air vents so there’s no condensation inside the piano. The piano movers then strap the piano to the piano board making sure that any belts or buckles from the straps do not gouge the sides of the piano. The grand piano on the piano board is then placed on a sturdy, four-wheeled piano dolly by piano movers. The piano movers can now move the piano around and into a truck safely. The Piano movers then remove the remaining (right) leg.

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