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Though it is entirely possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommended, especially for an item as valuable and intricate as a piano, it is better to leave it in the hands of professional piano movers. It is easy to locate a good moving company that provides good piano moving service at affordable prices, and most will also include piano moving into the overall family move. This way you are assured of having your piano safely transported, and once it arrives at your new destination, it will be setup and ready to play, ready to wow your guests and relatives.

Piano moving is a complex and delicate task, requiring special equipment and expert knowledge. If you decide to move the piano yourself you are taking a very high risk. While some people know how to move a piano safely, others have no idea of what they are doing. Not only are piano movers experienced, they are insured, and their equipment is state of the art. They use special truck equipment to avoid any unnecessary damage to the piano or its components.

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A piece of special equipment that is often used when piano moving is the “moving board”. This piece of equipment is composed of two pieces. One piece holds the lid in place while the other piece connects to a pair of heavy skid boards located on both sides of the lid. A piano lid has a solid board on each side to prevent it from falling down and injuring the people when it breaks. The skid boards are attached to the ground with a long, heavy duty rope, so that it will not roll off or over the floor.

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Hinges are a very important part of moving any type of instrument because they keep the instrument’s mouth closed and prevents it from making any noise while it is being moved. While there are professional workers who have been hired by piano manufacturers to perform this job, it is a task best left to the experts. Some of the pros that you can avail when hiring experts include experience in handling these large instruments, knowing how to move them without damaging them, and having specialized tools that are not easily available to amateurs. These pros offer packages which cover the complete cost of the job, allowing you to get it done in one day.

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Climate-controlled transportation is always a better idea than transporting the piano yourself. This is because although professionals may be experienced in moving a piano, they may not be familiar with the specialized procedures needed to protect the sensitive wood of an instrument. For this reason, climate-controlled facility where temperature and humidity are controlled are the best places to transfer your piano from place to place.

Best Piano Movers in Tyrone, Georgia

Professional movers will carefully load the instrument onto a dolly. The dolly is a specially designed vehicle that provides the piano with extra support during transport. It is equipped with thick soft tires to absorb impact from bumps along the way. The instrument must also be fastened securely onto the dolly. Other instruments may need straps or special brackets to secure them.

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