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How much does it cost to move an upright piano? That’s right, you need to understand the answer to this riddle before you put your moving budget in place. But before we get into the considerations that will influence the cost to move a piano, let’s focus on some of the variables that will impact the overall moving cost. For instance, are you moving it within the city or out of town? The distance and nature of the music (commercial) will have a big influence on the final moving cost.

The basic moveable elements of a piano include the legs, the armrests, the cymbals and the hammers. The moveable parts that are most often moveable include the tail piece, the tuning pins, the hammers, the wheels, and the nuts and bolts. The moveable parts also include piano accessories such as the picks, chucks, and the strings. If you plan to move pianos on your own, you need special dollies that fit over the front and/or rear legs. The dolly also helps to eliminate vibration caused by the wheels and will make a huge difference in the smoothness and mobility of the instrument.

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So now you have the basic information you need on how to move a piano. Now, let’s put that all together and see how much moving costs. Let’s say you are moving across town (as in you are moving from New York to Los Angeles). Your total piano moving costs would be: move truck, insurance, permits/permits, loading and unloading charges, fees, etc. If you hired professional piano movers, they would calculate your moving costs and give you a quote. If you hired a local moving company, chances are they would provide a quote as well.

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One of the best solutions for safe piano moving is to contact us today and have our professionals safely ship your upright spinet, harp, or guitar to you. When we are renting our vans, we carefully pack the instruments so they are safe and sound when the van is filled with them. We take extra precautionary measures to make sure no one gets hurt in the process as well. With this service, you are guaranteed that your instrument will arrive safely to your new home.

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It is important to mention that if you do not want to move your precious musical instrument by crating, there are ways to prevent damage to the instrument as well. Some precautions include never storing your pianos in damp areas, never dragging them around, and never storing them on uneven surfaces. As much as possible, avoid dropping your instruments on hard surfaces such as shelves. Remember, pianos are fragile and can be easily damaged if they drop down.

Best Piano Movers in Woolsey, Georgia

Some people find it beneficial to hire a professional piano mover for the relocation process. Hiring professionals can help you save time, money, and stress. However, before hiring someone to move your instrument, make sure they have experience in the moving and packing process. A reputable company should quote a reasonable moving and packing charge along with a reasonable price for the overall move.

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